3 Reasons to Start “Blogging”


1. Blogging isn’t what it used to be. 

The term “Blog” usually stops people in their tracks.  Because people still perceive blogs the way they started out, as personal diaries or long winded articles.  But in fact the Wordpress blog software package is a very powerful, easy to use content management system.  Once installed it can be customized to match your website and used to posts whatever information you want including photos and youtube videos.  No one will even know it’s a blog if you don’t tell them.

2. Blogging helps keep your website fresh.

3 Reasons to Start Blogging
Search engines and site visitors like when a site changes or adds new useful content.  You can add helpful tips, promotions, and seasonal information.  All of these can help keep your site from becoming stale.  You can even have the most recent posts fed directly into your sites homepage giving the appearance of fresh homepage content on a regular basis.

3. Blogging helps with search engine optimization.

Adding keyword links in the posts to your websites existing service pages will give those pages more weight with the search engines.

For example: You create a post about shipping valuable artwork for a local art gallery.  Within the posts you use the term “ship artwork” and link that back to your Artwork shipping service page.  This gives your Artwork page a boost for those keywords.


Wordpress software is free open source software available online or from your hosting provider.

Installation and template customization services: $60.00.

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