Are You Unhappy With Your Website Traffic?


Ask yourself these 3 questions:

1. Is your page content unique?

Google likes unique content. If your site is not unique it will not stand out. Unique content does not have anything to do with the layout or the way a site looks. As a franchise, Pak Mail store websites should all have the same layout and structure, but that doesn’t mean the exact same words on every single page.

2. Is your website about your Pak Mail store or a generic Pak Mail store?

If you have not customized your site content, you are missing out. Customers aren’t looking for some generic Pak Mail store they are looking for a shipping store in their area. Googler’s will use local terms and phrases to help them search. Like “shipping store in the tri-county area” or “pack and ship in wilgrow shopping center”. Take advantage of your local knowledge and personalize the site to capitalize on those searches.

When writing the content approach it like you would if you were speaking to a customer directly. For example, your homepage content should be worded like you were just talking to someone about your store and the services you provide.

3. Is your website stagnant?

If your website never changes Google will lose interest and so will your customers.

Look at it like this: When Google’s bot visits your website – it makes a copy and saves it in their system. The next time it visits it compares your site to that copy. If nothing has changed, it makes a note to visit less often to save its resources. Eventually, it will not visit at all.

Google wants to give its users useful and fresh content. If your site isn’t providing that, Google won’t serve up your pages.

You don’t need to redo your site constantly but a few tweaks here and there from time to time will definitely help. Also by adding a simple blog feature you can add fresh content whenever you feel like it – keeping Google and customers interested in your business

Just having a website isn’t enough anymore. You are competing with billions of websites, yours needs to stand out. Take a look at your content and ask yourself one more question. Would I use this company’s services?

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