Pak Mail Websites

Current ISC approved Pak Mail store websites, add-ons, and services

Pak Mail Website


Static / Standard Version*


Includes Setup & Customization

Owner can edit: Hours, News Box, Coupon, Gallery & Testimonials

Pak Mail Websites

Content Management Version*


Includes Setup & Customization

Owner can edit: Same as static version + all page content (great for keeping content fresh)

Pak Mail Websites

Responsive Designs

Included in both Static & CMS Versions

Changes layout based on visitor's screen size and orientation

Mobile friendly = better Google ranking

Pak Mail Websites


Add-ons, Blogging, PPC, SEO, Updates, and Maintenance

Site Add-Ons

Wordpress Blog (Highly Recommended)

Includes installation and theme customization


Social Media Blog Auto-Post Feature

Auto-post blogs to Social Media websites


Blog Posting Services
  • Contact for details

I have been using Doug Walker to manage my blog for my Pak Mail website, for years. It is amazing at how many customers find me from my website. Before I had Doug managing my blog, I would get a few phone calls per month. Now I get at least 2 per day. We have landed a couple of $2600 crating jobs and more freight jobs then I can keep track of. Doug is one of the main reasons for our 19 years of success. His nominal fee is will pay for itself over and over. Chad Helbert-Pak Mail Perrysburg, OH

On Site Shipment Tracking

UPS, FedEx, DHL, USPS, ABF, Estes, R&L, & YRC

Adwords / Pay Per Click

Adwords Setup

Includes initial campaign, groups, ads, and keywords. Also includes rewrite of appropriate pages to better optimize campaign (content must be provided)


Adwords Managment / Monitoring
Prices vary

Level 1: $25/month (1/week)

  • Automatic bids with keyword, ad adjustments and negative keywords

Level 2: $50/month (1/week)

  • Manual bids with keyword, ad adjustments and negative keywords

Level 3: $100/month (3/week)

  • Manual bids with keyword, ad adjustments and negative keywords

Level 4: $150/month (3/week)

  • Manual bids with keyword and ad adjustments plus necessary website edits for improved optimization

Site Maintenance & Updates

  • Monthly Maintenance / Updates

    Include two site updates per month to keep site fresh (content must be provided by owner) and feature upgrades.


Other Updates
$60.00/hour (1/2 hour minimum)

Changes or additions on an as needed basis. For example: page/service additions, page revisions, photo additions, etc.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
$60.00/hour (1/2 hour minimum)

Optimize your pages for "keywords" other than template defaults (defaults are packing, shipping, crating and freight terms). Up to 3 keyword phrases per web page.

Website personalization using local information and unique/useful content is the most effective form of optimization. Also website should be updated regulary with fresh content to keep google intersest.

Read Articles


Articles, Resources, and Information


Watch out for parties calling and selling services claiming to have a special relationship with or claiming to be Google. Often, these parties are telemarketers that are not affiliated with Google and are trying to leverage the Google brand to sell your business some type of online service. Keep in the mind the following:

  • Google does not place robocalls.
  • Google does not call to "update your front page listing" or ask you to "claim your free website."
  • Google does not charge for inclusion in Google Search, Google My Business, or Google+.


Website Hosting

Web Hosting $3.95

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